Variable Rate Mortgages: Madness or Money-Saving Strategy?

Posted on Mar 16, 2023

When considering a mortgage, one of the biggest decisions you will make is whether to go for a fixed or variable rate. A variable rate mortgage can offer flexibility and potentially lower interest rates, but also carries the risk of interest rate increases.

You may think in today’s times with higher interest rates than we’ve seen over the past coup...

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 Maximize Your Pre-Approval: 5 Tips to Get a Higher Loan Amount

Posted on Feb 03, 2023

5 Tips to Get Pre-Approved for a Higher Loan Amount

Getting pre-approved is a crucial first step when buying a home. It tells you how much you can spend on a home between your down payment and the approved loan amount. Sometimes, though, the pre-approval amount is lower than what you expect, throwing a wrench in your plans.

Here are five ways to inc...

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Guaranteed Sales

Posted on Jun 25, 2022

Although they may be tempting, guaranteed sale scenarios aren't for everyone. 
See here why this may or may not be right for you and your family when looking to sell your home.

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Posted on May 09, 2022

This is a snippet on why a Foreclosure may or may not be the right purchase option for a Home Buyer.

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Thinking of Buying a Home?

Remember these Expenses to Expect

Posted on Apr 01, 2022

Budgeting for a new home can be tricky. Not only are there mortgage payments, house insurance payments and the minimum down payment to consider, but there are many other costs one has to be prepared for before closing day. You are going to want to be prepared accordingly. Use the following list to determine which costs will apply to your situation...

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How to interview your REALTOR®

Posted on Mar 01, 2022

Smart consumers interview potential real estate agents before deciding on which one to hire. 

Here are 7 of the questions one should consider asking looking to hire an agent.

1. How Long Have You Been in the Business?

There is nothing to say that freshly licensed agents aren't valuable. Much depends on whether they have access to competent brokers and...

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